We are working hard to get the items ready for the 2016 Annual Barr Bike Garage Sale.  Over the year we have collected tubs stuff we didn't know what to do with.  So now we are selling it cheap.


We have boxes of Stems, Bar Ends, Bottle Cages, Rear Bike Racks and tons of used parts.  Close out accessories, T-shirts, and posters and we keep finding things to add to the sale.


We want you to take this stuff home so some items are priced as low as 50ยข 


















The Garage Sale starts at 10:00 Sharp with items at first come first served.  No Early Birds or purchases the night before.  


Every thing is sold as is with no refunds.


This is a free event and lots of fun, so enjoy and get some screaming good deals.. Remember no pushing to get in the door and play nice once inside.











2015 Felt Burner Reg. $530.00
Only 2 Left  /  Saturday, Feb 13th Only
2-Speed Kick Back 29er..  Cool Bike