dBill Riley Talks Terra Trike

Marshall Talks 2021 Line Up


Yes, it's new... In a nutshell you are looking at a Grand Tourismo 24" rear wheel with an 7000 series aluminum frame. Check out the new cool & comfortable adjustable seat and micro tilt adjustmets to seat angel.  With upgraded Tryker tires and Deore Hydro Brakes.   The most comfortable sport trike I have ridden. 

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GTS-Molten Red (Orangish)    Fall 2021       $2,999.99



The Maverick is around 5-6lbs lighter, than the previous model, and with larger head tubes and universal boom size this trike can be upgraded very easy to the Bosch E-System.  Great price on this new product.

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Mavrick  8-Speed External    IN STOCK  $1,299.99


Rogue Enviolo 

New for 2021, Bring seamless comfort to your ride with the Rogue. Experience shifting the way you always thought it should be, while at a complete stop, or under a full load with the Enviolo City internal hub. Riders will also find comfort in the recline and relax fixed wide seat, adjustable handlebars, and always comfortable TerraTrike linear frame. With simplicity at your fingertips, your next adventure has never been easier or more affordable.  Click here for more info


Rogue Enviolo             Mid September       $1,699.99

Rambler 24" 

The Rambler  24" Wide Track in new for 2020.  With 24" Wheels all-around and a single chain ring on the front.

Wide range gears make for a easy and comfortable trike to ride.  Click her for more details

Rambler 24   Yellow      Early 2022              $1,899.99

Rambler 24.jpg

Rambler Bosch EVO  (Electric Assist )

TerraTrike’s latest Electric Vehicle Option, the Bosch Rambler E.V.O., is powered by the award winning Bosch Active Line Plus mid-drive motor and the PowerPack 400Wh battery. 

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GT  BOSCH EVO Trike      Late 2021      $4,499.00 APX.

Grand Tourismo

Not unlike the popular Rambler, this new trike incorporates a new frame with 24" rear wheel and upgraded seat for added comfort and stability.  The G.T. is available in two different colors (Blue or Gold) and two different parts packages.  


Grand Tourismo x16        Summer 2021           $2,199.99 

TerraTrike Grand Tourismo

Traveler -Folding Trike 

A trike anyone can take anywhere. The new Traveler is a folding trike designed to be compact and portable while retaining the quality and comfort that makes our trikes such a joy to ride. In fact, the Traveler folds up small enough that we have fit two of them in the back of a sub-compact car with room to spare.   


Traveler Enviolo                    Mid August 2021           2,399.99


Terra Trike Traveler

Rover Tandem

The Rover Tandem is a life changer for many couples who want to get out and ride together, as well as parents or relatives of people with special or adaptive needs. 



Rover Tandem Unknown Dirve with IPS*

       INSTOCK   APX. $3,299.00 



Terra Trike Rover Tandem

Tandem Pro

The high-performance construction and components of this tandem trike make full use of the power of two riders. No matter where you take it, the Tandem Pro is sure to turn heads as you enjoy one of the most fun ways to spend time with a partner outdoors. 


Pro 27-speed                       Special Order     $7,899.99

Pro 27-speed with IPS*    Special Order      $7,899.99

Terra Trike Tandem Pro

Rambler AT Video 

Boost Kit (Bosch)


Turn your TerraTrike* into an E-Trike with our Boost Kit. Powered with Bosch's ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor, PowerPack 400WH Lithium Ion battery and Purion console, you'll enjoy the added assist an e-trike can provide. The Boost Kit Includes:

  • Bosch ActiveLine Plus Mid Drive Motor

  • Bosch PowerPack 400Wh Battery

  • Purion Console

  • Crank Arms (No Pedals)

  • Boom

More information can be found at www.Bosch.com  * The Boost Kit - Bosch is compatible with the following TerraTrike models: Rambler, Rambler All Terrain, Gran Tourismo, and Traveler (the Traveler requires additional hardware for mounting -- Give us a call at Barr Bike to order). *No option for 26" wheel (all models)

2020 TT Bost Kit Bosch.JPG

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Two TerraTrik Roves in a trunk

Yes, it's t true.. There are two (2) Terra Trike Rover 8 Speed Tikes in the trunk of this Toyota Avalon.

Michele and Gary Schleuning - Clive, Iowa

Just wanted you to know that my husband and I received our Tours yesterday and they are "AWESOME!".....we knew they would be fun, but we had no idea how fun!!!!    We have been on three trips in 2 days and can’t way until daylight again! The only true downside is getting bugs in your teeth because you can’t quit smiling when you ride!    Oh well, protein is good for you. I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciate not only your assistance, but the assistance of Dave at Barr Bike and Fitness in Iowa.    He always made time to answer our questions, and he’s patient and very knowledgeable. He is obviously selling a product he believes in (and now we know why)......     Thank you all so much for an awesome product and exceptional customer service.....now can you give us any ideas on how to improve the taste of bugs? ;)