2018 Expo

Jon of Terra Trike runs us through some of the new products at the Iowa Bike Expo.

Terra Trikes

Des Moines own Bill Riley explains the fun of owing a new Terra Trike from Barr Bike in Clive


The New Terra Trike R.A.T. (Rambler All Terrain) and a video of the cool things you can do with this new trike.  Get ready to have some fun.

New Hope

Des Moines News Story that talkes about brain injury and one woman's courageous journey of freedom with a Terra Trike Rover.

New Trends

Chanel 13 News covers what's new in cycling and the new trike craze.  Trikes are hitting the trails n big numbers.


Joe's Trike

A heart warming story about Joe and his trike and how good people of central Iowa come together and help one another. 


Watch Megan overcome her health issues and enjoy the bike trails and cycle with her family on a new Terra Trike Rover.


Jimmy Fallon

NBC's Jimmy Fallon is full of great things to do on his show, including racing Terra Trike Rover's with one of his friends.

The Rover

It's been called the game changer, get a up close look at the trike that has changed the industry. 

Terra Trikes are  "AWESOME"

Michele and Gary Schleuning - Clive, Iowa

Just wanted you to know that my husband and I received our Tours yesterday and they are "AWESOME!".....we knew they would be fun, but we had no idea how fun!!!!    We have been on three trips in 2 days and can’t way until daylight again! The only true downside is getting bugs in your teeth because you can’t quit smiling when you ride!    Oh well, protein is good for you. I also wanted to let you know how much we appreciate not only your assistance, but the assistance of Dave at Barr Bike and Fitness in Iowa.    He always made time to answer our questions, and he’s patient and very knowledgeable. He is obviously selling a product he believes in (and now we know why)......     Thank you all so much for an awesome product and exceptional customer can you give us any ideas on how to improve the taste of bugs? ;)

Wild Stuff

The new Sena bluetooth helmet with FM radio, phone connect and integrated intercom for up to four helmets. Super Cool..

Local Shop

Your locally owned bike shop for over 100 years is Barr Bike.  Bill Riley talks about the store in this 30sec ad.

Train Smart

Smart Trainers are all the rage now,  This short video explains some of the basic things you need to know about this new product.



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